Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'll admit it, this was a hard shoot! It was a challenge getting 7 little kids to look at the camera at the same time, especially considering 3 were under a year old!!! But...

I love how this one turned out...

Check out all those blue eyes, and of course, Clarke's adorable brown eyes.

And I thought all of the individual photos were great!

Isn't she so sweet?

And I couldn't get enough of her baby blues.

This little boy has energy in very large amounts!

And Whitney was so well behaved!

A very happy baby.

And a very serious older brother. :)

Whitney is a beautiful young lady.

And I think this might be the only photo I got of Clarke where he wasn't moving!

I told you he was happy!

And a shot with mom, for good measure.

Thanks for asking me to take these photos Melissa. It was a lot of fun and really great to meet your nieces and nephew!!!

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Amanda said...

Those look awesome Karli! Thank you so much for doing this. Glad to see you did end up getting some good ones of Clark, even though he was such a stinker! Thanks again!

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