Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amber, Dayla and Paxton


Picture overload ahead.

I had the hardest time narrowing it down to a few photos for the blog, therefore, you should probably prepare yourself...

This was the BEST photo shoot ever!

I'd like to introduce you to...



and Paxton

Three of the funnest girls around!

These ladies are the best of friends and when Paxton decided she was going to move to Idaho I asked them to let me take some photos of the three of them before she left.

They agreed and we had a blast!

AMBER is the quietest of the three.

(Um, if you knew Dayla and Paxton you would know that when I say 'quietest', well... doesn't necessarily mean 'quiet.) :)

She's happy to sit back and watch things unfold around her.

But as soon as the fun starts she jumps right in with both feet!

Amber has a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes.

Plus my boys think she is the greatest babysitter around these parts.

Love you Amber!

PAXTON is fun-loving and energetic.

She's the oldest of 8 kids and is a super great 'big' sister.

Paxton is really a lot of fun to be around and is always a little mischievous... in a good way, of course! :) She's always up for a little adventure!

And she has the bluest eyes ever!

We'll miss having you around Pax!

DAYLA is........


I don't think I've ever known a teenage girl that is as comfortable in their own skin as Dayla is.

Everyone loves Dayla and her fun and spunky attitude.

And one of my favorite things about Dayla...

... is her STYLE!

Dayla is a trend setter.

She often sews her own clothes and creates her own looks.

You're awesome girl!

You can tell these girls are happy, fun to be around, and really just good girls.

And the capes...

You'll have to ask them sometime about the capes. :)

Like I said, fun girls!

Thanks for letting me take your photos ladies.

You're all gorgeous and sooooooo much fun!!!

For a minute there I kinda felt like I was 18 again!

But only for a minute. :)

I had a BLAST!!!

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Kara said...

Seriously such cute girls, I sure love them!

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