Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Dyllan

It was so much fun photographing this brand new little baby. She was sweet and adorable the entire shoot and let us change her clothes, pose her little body and pretty much do whatever we wanted.

What a sweetheart!


Rubie Purcell Arnold said...

too dang cute Karli!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me... I want to know what kind of camera is the best for taking better pictures for a beginner.... like me.. I only have a 100 dollar one and I am ready to move up but I like simple and easy as well. Beth

Karli said...

To Beth - I use a Canon Rebel and I love it. I think any camera could do a good job though. Any digital camera nowadays, even the point and shoot kind, have really great tools. I would suggest practicing with whatever camera you have. Get to know what ISO means and how to use it. Figure out Aperature and exposure, white balance etc... If you learn to understand these terms and what they mean and what they do on your camera then I'm positive any one can improve their photos! Good luck!

Summer said...


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