Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emily Laurel

Welcome to the world little Emily!

And I love this next photo. During newborn shoots anything can happen and a lot has happened but we had a first during this shoot. While daddy was holding her she decided it was a good time to take a potty break. If you look closely you see the little drips running down his arm. I just wish you could have seen daddy's face! Pricelesss!

And the proud parents!

Congratulations you two! She's beautiful.... just like her mom and dad!

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Jared and Davian said...

So cute! Karli you are so talented. I love looking at your photos.... I wish you lived closer and I would be your little shadow for photo shoots. I just recently bought a Nikon D-5000. (I want to be the one taking really good photos of my daughter while growing up.) I've taken over 9,000 pictures of her in just under 2 months and only have a handful that I really LOVE! I do need to learn how to use photoshop, I'm sure that would help. Anyway, love your photos. They always look great. If you ever have a shoot down my way I'd love to tag along to watch you in action!

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