Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elana, Kim and Megan

Meet Elana and Kim. Two totally rad ladies!

And this is their family.
(Yep, the dogs are family too!)

And this is Megan.
Isn't she gorgeous?!?

She's got that natural beauty that girls would die for. No make-up. No frills. Just Megan. Love it. Megan was the most fun to photograph. Totally comfortable and willing to have a great time.

And after a quick wardrobe change...
Her best friend joined in the fun!
What a great family!

And now for my favorite 'non-people' shot of the day...


Kara said...

You girls look fabulous!

Dallas said...

wow. I miss you girls so much, n mom n dad too.
thank you.

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